Mallory + Kaylan Engagement

Destination Engagement in Vermont // Trapp Family Lodge & Bingham Falls

When Mallory & Kaylan told us that they were doing a destination wedding to the Fingerlakes, we were so thrilled that we would be able to travel to Vermont where they live to capture their engagement session. We are both big fans of discovering new places, especially behind a camera. We road tripped out and got some really fun Air B&B’s from a yurt to a cottage on a secluded farm.

The first night with them we traveled about an hour away to Stowe, VT to the Trapp Family Lodge. It’s a massive ski lodge at the center of Stowe completely surrounded by the beautiful green mountains. Before we went we of course got some hiking boots for our new adventure throughout the mountain. It was at the Lodge that we found this beautiful field with tall grass with the mountains so beautifully displayed as the back drop.

As soon as we met them we could see how much they loved each other. Kaylan dressed in a dapper blue suit, complete with a pocket square. Mallory in a beautiful white dress, they were up for anything. We ran, jumped, danced and the newly engaged couple took time to soak each other in, and the way they loved each other was so breathtaking. Kaylan gently touching her chin as he slowly brought her in for a kiss, and Mallory laying her head on his shoulder.

Then it was time for our chance at some “Dirty Dancing” moves. I mean come on if you’re in an open field, in front of a mountain, why not run into the arms of the one you love most and have him pick you up and spin you around?

The whole session we were checking on the radar because we knew that a storm was headed. The clouds were looming and we could feel the pressure change, so we wanted to make sure we got out of the thick of it and hopefully the storm would come and pass before the sunset. As I, and Kaylan love our craft beers, he was so excited to show us the Bierhall restaurant right at the Lodge.

I’m sure you’re probably thinking the “Trapp” name sounds familiar, and it may! The lodge is actually named because the owners are descendants of the one and only Von Trapp family that you see on one of my most favorite musicals of all time “Sound of Music” This was a movie my Grampy and I would watch for hours on end, it was such a beautiful full circle moment standing there next to that mountain and with this wonderful couple.

Before we headed to the Bierhall to avoid the storm we had to stop by this beautiful little garden on the way for a nice slow dance with the perfect dip to end it.

As we sat down in the glass covered patio, the storm began. Bright lightning, loud thunder and hard rain poured as we chatted about the details of their wedding day, their love story, and how they met. As we saw the storm pass as the dinner was coming to an end out peeked the sun from two big fluffy clouds. We just NEEDED to get back there and see if we could capture a little sunset. We found this little spot where they host concerts and some weddings during the summer and the fog just started to graze over the mountain tops for the perfect ending for our first night with Mallory & Kaylan.

We wrapped the night up here, and got ready for night two with them. Mark and I had heard from all of the owners of the Air B&B that one of the most beautiful trails was the one that led to Bingham Falls. We googled some pictures and it was the perfect setting for them to say some promises to each other.

We set out on the trail not exactly sure what to expect. We have waterfalls and trails in the Fingerlakes, but this was so much different. It was a steep hill down to a trail that was less dirt and more rocks and then we could hear the roaring of the falls. The closer we got the more and more large rocks and boulders we had to hike down to get to the water. Once there, it was absolutely gorgeous. We trailed over to a quieter area away from the falls and the crowd so they could say their promises to each other.

Kaylan had sent his letter to us the day before to proofread and oh did we get emotional. We knew it would be a very special moment for the two of them. Mallory said hers first and Kaylan just couldn’t stop smiling. Then it was Kaylan’s turn and they couldn’t stop laughing and smiling at each other, and then they embraced for a really long hug and a kiss.

It was time for them to get into the water and head over to the falls. Kaylan had worn his boating suit, and Mallory a shorter dress since we weren’t exactly sure how deep the water would be. They were up for anything. We trudged through the water flowing down from the falls and were finally ready to get in the falls. As Mark and I balanced on a rock with water flowing over our feet, spiders crawling on our toes, we captured some of our favorite shots that day.

The way that Mallory & Kaylan love each other and express it is absolutely beautiful. They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and stop kissing, even when we weren’t shooting.

Thank you Mallory & Kaylan for being so kind and showing us some of your favorite spots in your beautiful state of Vermont. We had so much fun adventuring with you in a new place, hiking across mountains and down cliffs to beautiful waterfalls. We’ve seen so much beauty like this around us but never at this magnitude. Your state is lovely, and you both are the sweetest! We CANNOT wait for your wedding day in December. In the mean time, watch your engagement film below!

💜 SJ & MB