Lindsay + Dave // 8.2.19

Destination Wedding at Premier Fingerlakes Barn Venue, Crispin Hill

It was a warm beautiful day on Keuka Lake for Lindsay + Dave’s wedding. No rain in sight, just two people who are madly in love to finally say “I do” atop a hill overlooking one of the prettiest lakes in upstate New York. (I may be a bit bias since this is the lake that I grew up on and fell in love with as a little girl)

This wedding was a destination wedding for the couple, as they now live in Connecticut, but fell in love with the wine and the area. They were surrounded by 65 of their closest friends and family that traveled here from miles away to witness their nuptials and dance the night away.

Lindsay attended Elmira College for nursing, and had since moved to CT where she met the love of her life, Dave. They met at a bar and ended up talking the night away, it was there that she knew that Dave was the one, and he felt that too. Over the last 7 years they have grown so much together, built a home and dreams of a family and what their life would be like. When asked what words you would use to describe their significant other, this is how they answered:

Lindsay said: “My best friend, a dreamer, strong, a proud country boy, a gentle giant”

Dave said: “Beautiful, strong, independent, smart, driven, family-oriented”

You will get to see this love in the way they looked at each other, the way they held each other, and the way Dave took care of her throughout the day. We will hold their wedding day so close to our hearts for their tight knit friendships and family and just being able to witness their love, and being able to capture the way these two love not just each other but everyone that surrounded them that day.

We began our day with Dave and a few of his guys getting ready at the Best Western downtown Penn Yan. Fun fact, Dave is so tall that I had to stand on a chair (which is crazy as I’m 5’10) and Mark was standing on a table next to me to be able to capture his getting ready moments. He read a letter and opened his gift from Lindsay, she had so much to say about how much she loved him, and he couldn’t stop smiling so big for the words she used and the watch she gifted him with.

From there we headed over to Crispin Hill on Keuka Lake to see how the girls were coming along. We walked in and the house was so calm, as everyone was getting their hair and makeup done by the great Tierney. We love this venue as we have been here 10 times, but the natural light that comes in the windows with the backdrop of the lake is just one of the reasons why we love it. Makeup was set up in the front room with a wall of windows, and we headed upstairs to the master bath and bedroom to get some images and film of Lindsay’s beautiful ball gown dress and details. The rings were in a beautiful hand crafted box, and she was SO proud and happy that her hanger said “Mrs. Boucher” a name she is so excited to take and a family to be apart of.

So many of the details throughout the day were overseen and crafted by Lindsay. We will get to more of these later but the intricacy, thought and detail that went into their day was breathtakingly beautiful, I couldn’t stop taking pictures of each little thing she put thought into. Making it even more special, the invitation suite was handcrafted by Dave’s mom, Bonnie.

Her makeup was done and she was so excited to read the letter that Dave had wrote her. As we were getting ready to sit her down in the chair in the second bedroom upstairs, she took a moment to look out the window and calmly take in the moment that today she was about to marry her best friend.

It was finally time for her to get her dress on. She had her mom and mother in law there to help put on her dress, accessories and just take a moment before she had her first look with her dad. He patiently waited downstairs for her as she was getting ready. We set him up at the bottom of the stairs waiting for his daughter to show him her full bride look.

Remember how I said that the details in this wedding were intricate and beautiful? Each part of the wedding Lindsay had a part over. The flowers were done by her Uncle who is a former florist and the touches of flowers everywhere helped showcase her love and appreciation for them. From the lavender to throw after their first kiss, and the baby’s breath that aligned the aisle. Each flower had a place at the ceremony site overlooking Keuka Lake.

You will hear some of their vows in the video, but I feel like I couldn’t say anything as well as they can. When we asked them, “What are five things about your fiance that you adore about them?”

Lindsay: “I love that he takes care of me like when he always has dinner made after working a 13+ hour workday or always trying to make sure I am happy. No matter how annoyed he gets that I can’t make a decision to save my life or when I forget my keys, my cellphone or glasses all the time or my little quirks like the volume on an even number, me jumping in bed first or being the first one up the stairs at the end of the night, he still loves me and has no problem showing it. I love the love he has for his mother and my family, I cannot wait to grow our family soon. His big heart, compassion, humor and care for me are the same qualities I see in my dad and brother, characteristics that had always attracted me to him. I love his peptalks, the motivation he gives me and how he holds my hand at doctor appointments or for the surgeries I have had. I love that he is a dreamer and has goals for him, for us, for our family. I love everything about him, he is my person and my best friend who holds my hand and tells me he loves me no matter what everyday. We have been through so much in the past almost 7 years that I know we can survive anything. ”

Dave: “Where to start, she is my person. I love that she is family oriented and is passionate about both of our families as much as I am. My mom loves her and they get along so well. She’s goofy and funny and can cheer me up when I am down by making me smile by the things she says or breaking out into these crazy dances that make me laugh. I can picture coming home from work to her and the kids having a dance party in the kitchen. I love how driven she is and drives me to do better, she makes me want a better lifestyle and have goals for us. I am a better man because of her. She doesn’t settle. She challenges me and accepts me for me even when I get mad or have had a bad day. I can vent to her and talk to her and get out whatever I’m thinking. Lindsay is a hardworking person and not afraid to get down and dirty, and dirt under her fingernails with a project around the house even when she doesn’t know what to do she’s willing to learn and help. I adore how much she loves me and I see my future with her, a great future, the love of my life.”

Finally the just married couple had a little bit of time to themselves before we did our bridal party portraits. What a fun group of friends and family, the guys couldn’t get the girls to stop laughing and they were all so joyous and happy for Lindsay + Dave.

We were so excited to finally be able to take Lindsay + Dave aside to take in the moment as newlyweds. I don’t even need to to tell you more about them here because you can just see the love they have for each other in these images.

We made our way around the house through the garden and up to the barn for introductions into their reception. While we were doing photos the guests were able to enjoy some specialty cheeses and specialty his and her drinks.

Another thing about this venue that is so lovely is the open tent that overlooks the lake view and sits right next to the barn. All the tables are placed, with their sweetheart table up front. You can feel the wind breeze and enjoy all the guests with some of the BEST food we have ever tasted at a wedding. We were so excited to have the food, that we all got a different dish so we could have a little piece of it all.

There were even more special touches under the tent. From the signs, the name placements on an antique window, wine corks from bottles of wine that Lindsay and Dave shared were everywhere. From the number cards to jars next to their guest book which is a “B” sign they will later hang up in their home. There was a cigar bar for Dave and others to partake in later, lawn games, and of course don’t forget the s’mores to enjoy when the sunset!

After some introductions and some dinner, we looked up the hill where the sun was and saw how the light was perfectly peeking through the trees and this really big full willow tree, and we knew we had to grab them for a few pictures there. Lindsay absolutely loved twirling in her dress and why wouldn’t she it was so fun to see spin and move around. She always smiled and giggled a little each time.

After our delicious meal, it was time for the couples first dance as husband and wife, Lindsay to dance with her dad, and Dave with his mom. Lindsay and her dad laughed alot together, and you can see the love and respect Dave has for his mom as they made their way around the floor. She looked up at him with complete pride for the man he is, and in a moment buried her head in his chest and she cried a little.

The one thing Lindsay said she wanted for sure was some pictures in a vineyard, this is very important to them as the wineries and lakes is what drew them to the Fingerlakes in the first place. We had made arrangements to head out to a nearby winery to snag a few images there, we piled in their SUV, and took off with the GPS in hand. On the way there, we saw the sun setting and we came around a bend and there it was, the glorious glow of an orange sun beginning to set behind the hills.

“Hurry Dave, GO!” Lindsay yelled from the passenger seat as we chased the sun, we just wanted to find an open field, and corner after corner there was no field and no view of the sun. About a mile away from where we first spotted it, we said “okay this is our last chance or we will head to the winery.” We came around a big corner with tall trees and there was that orange red sky, big burning sun, and sitting just in front of it was a small field filled with grape vines. We couldn’t believe it, we were meant to find this field. We quickly pulled over, and ran over to it so we could capture some moments before the sun was completely hidden by the surrounding hills. It may have been 10 minutes away from the venue, but it was worth everything to have these moments to remember.

We headed back to the reception for some more dancing, and of course the garter and bouquet toss.

One of the items they both put on their wedding day wishes was to be able to dance the night away with their guests. They were in town for one more day and having a wine tour with their guests the next before heading out on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

It was a memorable day for us with Mr. + Mrs. Boucher as we got to know them, their love story, and family more. We know that we have built a forever friendship with these two and can’t wait to see how they grow over the years. I want to leave you with their own words…

When asked “Where do you see your marriage in 5 years? 50 years? 2,000?” this is what they said:

Dave: “in 5 years I see us with a loving family with kids and our dogs. In 50 years I still see us in love as we were at the beginning, our children and grandchildren knowing the definition of love because of us and showing them the love we want for them with their significant others. ”

Lindsay: “In 5-10 years I picture us with our family, growing with children and furbabies. Achieving goals, traveling, doing what we love, surpassing challenges and still making each other better, stronger from the years we started. In 50 years, I see us still in love as we were from the start, the couples that you see at the store that you say to your person, ‘that’s how I want to be when we are old’. As Dave says, me pushing him around in a wheelchair. I see us hand in hand like the Notebook, reminiscing on memories surrounded by love. Sitting on our front porch swing staring out at the world. In 2000 years…. rocking the heavens in our paradise. ”

Watch their full highlight film, linked below!

May you have all that and more, congratulations again Mr. & Mrs Boucher.

💜 SJ & MB

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Venue & Catering: Crispin Hill
Makeup: Makeup by Tierney
Hair: Jaime Norton
DJ: Showcase Sound
Cake: Bagels and Cakes
Flowers: Linsday’s Uncle, Dennis Vincent (former florist)
Bridal Dress: Wtoo
Bridemaids’ Dresses: Vows Bridal
Suits: JoS A Bank
Invitations: Dave’s Mom, Bonnie Archambault
Officiant: Keri Klein