Ainsley + Carter // 8.3.19

Barn Wedding on Keuka Lake, Crispin Hill

From Baltimore to the Keuka Lake in the Finger Lakes, Ainsley & Carter’s infectious smiles just got bigger.

We meet this wonderful couple at Broadway Pier, where Carter proposed. It was surrounded by brick streets, lots of seagulls, cute shops, and small restaurants. We explored the city with them, visited some of their favorite spots, and got to know the two of them while shooting their engagement pictures and film.

“The vision for our wedding day is one that is about us and our friends and family. We are a very simple couple who enjoy having a good time with each other and everyone around us. We are not into so many of the traditions of a normal wedding but are definitely excited to have a good time,” Ainsley and Carter shared with us.

Almost a year later, we had the pleasure re-joining them for their wedding at Crispin Hill, surrounded by their friends and family as they became husband and wife.

We meet Carter in the morning at a hotel up the street from Crispin, where he was getting ready with his groomsmen overlooking the lake. He received a beautiful letter from letter from his soon to be wife, as well as an elegant watch, complimenting this suit. On the inside of his suit was engraved his name, as well as the wedding date.

After some see you soons to Carter and his men, we headed over to Crispin Hill to meet Ainsley and her bridesmaids! We had just been at Crispin the day before and we were so thrilled to see Tiereney, with Makeup by Tiereney, two weddings in a row!

Ainsley read a beautiful letter from her soon to be husband in the anticipation of putting her dress on. We took the time to get pictures of all of the details of the day – everything from invitation to their rings. Everything was so elegant yet spoke volumes to their personalities.

It was time to put the dress on! It had the most striking back, and felt like something you’d wear to a fancy party in NYC. The white was delicate with slight patterns and curvature. It complimented Ainsley perfectly, and truly made her shine.

Carter anxiously waited outside to see his soon to be wife in the first look. We LOVE when our couples choose to do the first look. It truly allows to just take each other and spend time as a couple before the craziness of their wedding day ensues. It allows a push of the “pause” button.

Ainsley slowly walked up the pathway, taking in the moments before Carter would see her. She is known to be a fast walker or as we say “a power walker.” However, in this particular moment, her stride was settled and steady. It was just her and the love of her life.

She whispered, “Carter.” He turned around, and his face instantly lit up. A huge smile spread across his face. They locked eyes, and their smiles got even bigger. This was their day – one they had been waiting for a long time. We opened their arms and embraced each other. This was their wedding day, filled with friends, family, but most importantly, each other.

Their closest friends soon surrounded them, and we did some fun pictures with the entire bridal party! Carter got pictures with his boys, and Ainsley with her girls. We made countless stupid jokes with them. It was SO much fun!

After these portraits, the two of them and their party retreated into the house to hide and prepare for their ceremony, as guests were starting to arrive.

Crispin Hill provided an open bar for drinks and refreshments before the ceremony began, as it was so very hot! Soon, everyone was seated.

Our bridal party began walking down the aisle, met by many smiles. Ainsley was walked down the aisle by both her father and step-father, a beautiful gesture. And, even though Carter had already seen his bride, he still beamed as she walked towards him.

Their ceremony was lovely. Short, but not too short, and focused on the two of them. Rings were exchanged and a first kiss sealed them together as husband and wife! Yay!

We took family portraits with the couple and all their family, some more bridal party, and then a few just married portraits! It was so easy to tell and see the excitement Ainsley and Carter felt, and all the support from their friends and family that helped bring them here.

Remember how I said that they had such a fun bridal party? This became very apparent during toasts and as the reception began. Some hilarious words were shared, and a delicious dinner was had, tables decorated by the wonderful Becky from Foote Florals!

As we sat down, eating we something to our right caught our eye… the sun was setting right behind Crispin, creating the most beautiful light in a field behind the tent. We just HAD to take some pictures with Ainsley and Carter. We asked them if could pull them out for some portraits, and they were all for it. And, I mean come on! Look at how beautiful that light with this couple is!

After dinner, Ainsley and Carter their first dance as husband and wife. Then, Ainsley shared a dance with both her father + step-dad, and Carter with his mother.

Soon, after the party began! Open dancing kicked off! Everyone was up on their feet, moving and laughing. Circles were formed for dance offs and Carter was lifted into the air. Everyone had a blast. 

Thank you for trusting us from the moment we meet you in Baltimore all the way through your wedding day! It was such an honor to be apart of your love story. We know you’re anxiously awaiting your highlight film, but here is a teaser film to hold you over….

Hope to see you both again sometime soon! Visit whenever you find yourself in the Finger Lakes!

💜SJ & MB

Venue & Catering: Crispin Hill
DJ: Finger Lakes Entertainment
Florist: Foote Florals
Makeup: Makeup by Tierney
Ice Cream Bar: Seneca Farms Ice Cream Bar
Bridal Dress: BHLDN – Jenny Yoo
Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie
Invitations: Shutterfly