Tori + Sam // 8.24.19

Avon New York Barn Wedding with Greek Revival Home

One of our favorite things about doing weddings is learning each couple’s love story. We first met Tori + Sam at a Starbucks to go over details of what they were looking for in a photo/video team, and what we offered. We knew from the minute they sat down, just how in love they were and how unique their love story was. He pulled her chair out and they took care of each other and we knew from that meeting that being there on their wedding day would be so special.

Then a few months later on a blizzardy cold winter day, we met again for their engagement shoot. We trekked up a snowy hill on 4 wheelers and endured the high cold winds and heavy snowfall to capture some amazing moments with these two who were completely unphased by the temperature or the cold wet snow.

They’ve been together since highschool, and had been waiting for their wedding day for 7 years. It was in the moment that Sam was walking down the steps blindfolded to have a “first touch” with Sam and one last kiss as fiance, that it hit us how this journey had been leading them here. Here at this beautiful barn, surrounded by the sweetest friends and family, ready to watch them both promise themselves to each other atop a loft in the beautiful Wells Barn.

The officiant made us all laugh as he recounted their love story, and the reminder of how pure and true their story is. We felt loved and welcomed the entirity of our day there, and thankful for such kind family and friends that you both have been without you throughout this journey. Mark and I were so happy to be there. Take a look at just a few of my favorite images that tell their wedding day story, that they and their family can treasure for years to come!

💜 SJ & MB