Rachel + Nate Engagement

Engagement Session in Rochester, NY // Highland Park, Sunken Gardens, & Cobbs Hill

Rachel + Nate met when they were at college. Nate is from England, and after they fell in love they wanted to start the process of his green card, so they had a small ceremony last August, and this “engagement” session, celebrated their almost 1 year as a married couple. Next June we get to celebrate with them and all of their friends and family at Belhurst Castle on Seneca Lake.

When Rachel & Nate reached out to us in the middle of winter we were so excited to meet them at a local Starbucks and get to know them more. A consult that usually is about 1/2 hour, quickly turned into almost 2 as we were just talking about nerdy computer stuff (okay that was Mark and Nate) and plants, cats etc (Sara & Rachel). We all immediately connected, and knew that they were a perfect fit for us as we were for them. (it’s SOOOO important to connect with the people that capture your legacy!)

We booked an engagement session in March, and then…COVID. We had to postpone a few times, but finally we were able to set a date at the end of June, and we were so excited to spend more time with them. They took us on a tour around their favorite places in Rochester. Our first stop was Highland Park, where they had been on many dates, and hikes. Then we checked out Sunken Gardens, where they were married last August, and had to finish with the most perfect sunset at Cobb’s Hill.

The way these two know and love each other is so beautiful. Thank you both for trusting us to capture all of this for you, and choosing us to not only be apart of your day, but becoming friends in the process.

💜 SJ + MB

When you think of your significant other, what are words that you would use to describe them as a person?

Rachel: “I would describe Nate as affectionate, kind, silly, comical, understanding, and respectful”

Nate: “I would describe Rachel as goofy, kind, to the point, and beautiful.”

What are five things about your fiance that make you adore them?

Rachel: “He always tell me how beautiful I am and how much he loves me, he knows how to be very silly but serious if need be, he’s always willing to try new things, he can make the most stressful, saddening moments happy again, and he is quite the poet.

Nate: “She is able to put up with all of my annoyances and flaws, she is always willing to listen, an incredibly loyal person, not afraid to show me a different perspective, and she’s not afraid to be herself around me.

Where do you see your marriage in 5 years? 50 years? 2,000 years?

Rachel: “In 5 years I see us settling down in our 1st house with our husky and cat expecting our 1st kid. In 50 years I see us retired, traveling the world, and spending time with our kids and grandchildren. When I was a teenager, I would have said that in 2,000 years I would be a vampire and would still be just as madly in love with Nathan as I am today. But in reality I’ll be sitting in a casket next to Nate.” <3

Nate: “In 5 years I see us investing in a pet, buying our 1st home, and starting a family. In 50 years I see us (hopefully) retired, surrounded by our family, onto our next set of pets (since we love animals), and adventuring the world. In 2000 years I see us dead, unless cryogenic freezing has become a thing. LOL”