Bethany + Adam Engagement

Sunset Engagement around Keuka Lake

Bethany + Adam are both Correction Officers, each with 1 handsome boy to bring to this wonderful blended family of 4. We met at Keuka Lake State Park in Branchport, NY and started our adventure there. Their 2 boys came with and hung out in the “placebo” (gazebo) as we ventured in the water, around the bridges and may have snuck onto a little island on the water to capture some of my favorite images. It had been so long since we’d really been around people, (you know Covid and all) that I forgot how to remember peoples names (something I work on each day) and Adam soon became “Kyle.”

It only seemed fitting that the first session of the season, right as the sun was setting behind the hill to look at them and say, “Will you guys chase the sun with us?”

“Heck ya!” they said as we ran back to the car so they could change quick before we got in our cars and toured the back roads of Branchport. Speeding up hills, and making sharp turns until we found the absolute PERFECT open field with the most gorgeous sunset. It was definitely one of the best sunsets we’ve seen in a long time and was a perfect ending to the best night. Bethany + Adam, thank you for sharing in our wanderlusting spirit, and being so gracious and kind in our first session of 2020.

💜 SJ + MB

When asked…..

When you think of your significant other, what are words that you would use to describe them as a person?

Bethany: “Adam is loving, caring, a great father with an amazing heart who always knows when I need a little extra love.”

What are five things about your fiance that make you adore them?

Adam: “I love how she is with our boys, I love the confused look she gives me sometimes, I love how she tries to cook but manages to burn most of it, I love how strong she is and how much she has had to overcome to be who she is today, and I love how she is my best friend.”