Alaina + Forrest Engagement

Cummings Nature Center Engagement // Naples, NY

Alaina and Forrest have the best kind of relationship…. Alaina studies rocks, Forrest takes pictures of them.

We kid, we kid… but it is true. Alaina LOVES natures and Forrest is highly photographer & cinematographer.

One of the things we treasure doing with our couples is getting to know them and their love story. This was a unique situation, however. Forrest and Mark were production buddies from a previous life and constantly played office jokes together.

These lovers of adventure were completely open to adventuring with us. We hiked trails, got lost, fell through bushes (looking at you Forrest), and laid in fields.

We asked these two were they saw their marriage in five years… Alaina responded with 8 kids. Forrest responded with 4 kids, immediately adding he thought 8 was a bit ambitious. That’s an adventure in itself.

Anyways, we truly love these two incredible individuals. And, we are so honored to be the storytellers in their love story. We cannot WAIT to spend more time on your day!

💜SJ & MB