Morgan + Alex Engagement

Morgan & Alex met while attending school at Keuka College, he proposed to her intimately in their apartment with their cat Leonard. (Mark spent most of our first video call with them talking to their cat lol)

For their engagement session we ventured around their old stomping grounds of Keuka Lake where they first met and fell in love. The night was perfectly rounded out with a frolick in a random vineyard on the side of the road that was FULL of concord grapes, we may have gotten a few bunches for ourselves (make sure you scroll all the way to the end) which was perfect considering one of Morgan’s jobs in college was working at a vineyard.

We always have our couples fill out questionnaires when they first book with us, and we can honestly say that some of their answers were the sweetest! Here’s just a few of our faves.

“What are 5 things about your fiance that makes you adore them?”

1. Every morning when he wakes up, smiles at me and wraps his arms around me before I get up;
2. always willing to help me in the kitchen and make it fun as we cook together
3. spontaneous sing alongs and dancing in the living room,
4. the way he looks at me and smiles at me
5. perks me up when i’m in a horrible mood so effortlessly
6. always willing to try new thing, meet new people and go on new adventures

1) Her smile when we wake up in the morning.
2) When she does a goofy dance for no apparent reason.
3) When she gives that reluctant look when she knows I’m right about something.
4) She always offers to help with things no matter what.
5) Her laugh.

Morgan & Alex we cannont wait to celebrate you next fall!

💜 SJ + MB