Mallory + Daniel Engagement

Market Street Corning, NY Engagement

It was a gorgeous fall day when I was able to head back to the area where I grew up in. I went to high school with Mallory, and we had done a few sports together. When she was engaged I was SO excited when she reached out to me and asked if I could be there for her wedding day.

We began at Soul Full Cup, a really neat coffee shop right on Market Street, where they had their first date. Market Street is beautiful lined with trees, which were perfectly colored with fall glory, cute boutiques, amazing eateries, and a little square with a clock tower and bridge that Corning is known for. I grew up about 20 minutes away from here and would visit here FREQUENTLY as a girl. I was so excited to return with my camera, an old school friend and 2 people who are so totally in love.

Daniel, also known as DJ, has 3 amazing children, who Mallory has taken in, loved and been such an amazing step mother to them, I cannot wait to be there on your beautiful wedding day in June as your families come together. I’m so happy for you Mallory, you’ve found a kind man, you both are so lucky to have each other.