Erin + Curtis Engagement

Engagement Session around Keuka Lake ending at his parents lake house on West Bluff, Penn Yan, NY

A wedding that was supposed to take place in South Carolina, surrounded by family and friends has now been moved to Penn Yan, NY where Erin + Curtis have re-planned their wedding day near where his parents and grandparents have lakehouses.

We spent an evening with this wonderful couple gallivanting around Keuka Lake, starting at Garrett Chapel with gorgeous views, an overlook with a FULL view of the lake, a random field on the side of the road (of course! You can’t expect much less from us) and ending at his parents lake home on West Bluff. We never laughed so hard with a couple throughout the session and felt like we have known them and have planning their wedding with them for years.

We cannot wait for you two to get married at Crispin Hill with your family and friends that are able to come and that Covid and nothing else will stop you from marrying your best friend. Thank you for adventuring with us!

💜 SJ + MB

When you think of your significant other, what are words that you would use to describe them?

Erin“Curtis is very selfless, he is always giving up his time and energy for other people–he’s one of the hardest workers I know and he never complains. He is also very social and can and will talk to anyone. He loves to laugh and is just an overall happy, optimistic person.”

Curtis – “Erin is extremely giving and incredibility thoughtful. She has a great sense of humor and we are constantly laughing. We are very weird together and never really take ourselves seriously but at the same time we have strong goals and both are very passionate about achieving them.”

What are FIVE things about your fiance that make you adore them?

Erin“Curtis makes me feel like I am the most incredible person ever, even when I am clearly not. I love how valued he makes me feel and how much he makes me laugh. He is super witty but can also be super goofy and I love both types of humor–I just love how I genuinely enjoy spending time with him. I love his overall confidence, patience, and optimism–it balances my lack there of on all accounts very well. I also love how much he values and respects his family. He invests a lot of time in all of his relationships (friends, family, clients, etc) and I love that they are important to him because they are to me as well. Honestly, to summarize, I can be a giant, anxious, indecisive pain and he is incredible for putting up with me. He is without a doubt one of the greatest blessings God has given me. Plus he’s got a cute butt.”

Curtis“Erin is literally the cutest, smallest thing in the world. She makes me laugh 650 times a day. She is basically an adult child. I love when she tells me, “good job, or I’m a good boy!” It makes me feel like a kid but not in a condescending way. She is always thinking about others and is extremely generous. She has a great butt.”

Where do you see your marriage in 5 years? 50 years? 2,000 years?

Erin“5 years – 2-3 kids and I actually lose weight after having them (maybe if I write it out it will come true?), a rental property or two, possibly in our “forever home” or at least close to it. I’m still teaching and Curtis’ business has grown.

– 50 years – “To quote my groom, “hopefully still alive”, I retired around 50 years old, we took care of our parents and paid them back for everything they have done for us (literally and figuratively), we live on Keuka Lake in his parent’s old house, we spend lots of time with our families, we have traveled.”

Curtis – “5 years – At least 1 child, a few rental properties, my business has grown substantially.

50 years – “Hopefully still alive, Erin has retired early, I have sold my business, we have funded many vacations and trips for our family and grandchildren. Both sets of parents were taken care of during their older years and all siblings are still around. Erin and I have moved to the lake full time, either in our own lake house or in my parents house.