Ashley + Claire // 10.11.19

Fall Sunset Ceremony at Wagner Vineyards

It doesn’t happen often that we cry at weddings, usually we reserve that for when we are editing and remembering all of those emotions that were displayed the day of, timed perfectly with music in our post production haze of a wedding day, but this day will always be remembered as the wedding in 2019 that we cried just as hard as we laughed.

Ashley & Sara have been friends for a while on Facebook, we would chat a few times, and Ashley was one of the first people that reached out to do a family shoot when I began my photography journey in 2018. When she got engaged in the fall of last year, she immediately reached out and said “I don’t want any other person to be there but you.” Over the last year we have grown even closer, Claire played on Sara’s 2 softball teams, and they were the first couple that was featured on our Wonder in Adagio page when we launched in January of this year.

Ashley & Claire are truly beyond special together. The way they see each other, love each other, and their 3 boys is truly something to behold. Their boys came along on their engagement shoot and they were the kindest, funniest, and beyond generous. They were so excited to have Claire as their Mama, and to welcome her into the family. One of the first things we noticed during this session, was the way that they loved their boys, and each other. During each prompt, it didn’t take much to get the true emotion that they had for each other. When asked to “run to each other just as you would in an airport after not seeing each other for a few months” they almost knocked each other over out of excitement and joy.”

Then comes the wedding day, the boys got ready with Ashley, and she was anxious yet so calm knowing she was about to marry the love of her life. The boys couldn’t wait to see their mom in her dress, and the first look with them was beyond precious. they smiled from ear to ear and gave her a giant hug and kiss. When we went to Claire’s she had the same resign of anxiousness but calm knowing she was about to see Ashley.

We couldn’t wait for the first look, and as Ashley called out Claire’s name and she turned around her smile had never been so big. Claire said “You are so hot, how did you choose me to be your wife.” After some portraits together and with their family and bridal party it was time for the ceremony to begin. It was almost time for sunset when the girls said their handwritten vows to one another, then Claire surprised Ashley with vows she had written to the boys. As the boys stood side by side next to Ashley, tears were flowing from everyone. Ashley was so overcome she couldn’t take her hands away from her face, and bent over, as the boys were smiling from ear to hear as they heard the words coming from their Mama Claire, who was also crying throughout the words she was promising to her family.

During the reception they both shared a dance with each boy, and everyone in the room was crying, including us. Before Mark went to took a spin around the dance floor with his camera, he looked at Sara to cue that it was a good time and we both realized we were crying.

It was an emotional loved filled day as two beautiful women vowed themselves to each other and the boys. We always knew when we started WIA, that we wanted to do LGBTQ+ weddings because EVERYONE deserves to love who they want, and be loved the way they want. These girls fought adversity, loved each other even when some didn’t approve and they did so unapologetically while raising some of the SWEETEST boys that will grow to be the kindest men.

It was such an honor to be apart of your wedding day, to witness such love and respect you have for each other and everyone you chose to be there on your wedding day, how blessed we were to capture it behind our cameras, and it will forever be engrained in our hearts. We look forward to continuing to grow our friendship with the both of you over softball, and future shoots as your family grows. We love you both so much from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for trusting us fully with your love story.

💜SJ & MB

Hair: Kathy Pratt at Tresses Salon & Spa & Ashley Barber
Cake: Jackofall Cakes
Venue: The Ginny Lee at Wagner Vineyards
uits: Men’s Wearhouse
Dresses: David’s Bridal
Photo & Video: Wonder in Adagio (Sara & Mark)