Vanessa + Zach // 6.15.19

Rustic Barn Wedding in the Fingerlakes, NY (Penn Yan)

All week, it was supposed to rain. There were dark clouds looming above. But, we all kept our hopes up. This was Vanessa & Zach’s special day, and nothing would ruin it.

The rain held out.

We arrived at Weaver View Farms to be met by an excited bridal party, and an equally excited wedding team. Vanessa is one of Sara’s softball friends, so having the privilege of capturing their day was so special and something so important to us.

Vanessa was waiting inside for us, getting her hair and make up done. Zach was in Ithaca with his boys, getting their beards trimmed and groomed before the wedding. 
We took this time to take all of Vanessa’s details and take pictures & video. Her dress was an elegant, off the shoulder dress. It had beautiful lace, with a flattering veil.

The barn at Weaver is the centerpiece of the location. With rustic red walls, a silo standing tall, and a spacious interior accented by bisto lighting, it truly holds a magical tone.

As soon as we saw the tall, red walls, we knew it accented her dress and wedding dream perfectly. Hanging the dress from a flower holder, and letting it blow in the wind… wow. We were in LOVE.

After some exploring, we came back and finished the rings, shoes, and jewelry on the front porch of the guest house. The light blue gave such a dreamy feel, really pulling together the little bouquets and marvel of the day.

Zach then arrived at Weaver with his groomsmen. We snuck him up stairs into the house to have him read a letter from his beloved. Then, we immediately kicked him out of the house so there was no chance of Vanessa and Zach seeing each other accidentally.

Sara took portraits of the groomsmen in their fun and daring cowboy get up while Mark flew the drone, capturing the magic of the tall fields, barn, and lake. 

Vanessa then read her letter, crying the whole time overwhelmed with emotion and love for her soon to be husband. In that moment, in sunk in that she was marrying her best friend and “partner in crime.”

With help from her mother and sister, Vanessa put her dress on. Everyone cried, including Sara. It was such a beautiful moment filled with so much hope and love.

Zach patiently waited outside the house to see his bride. Vanessa walked down the steps of the house to the yard slowly, taking the moment in. She said “Zach.” Zachary spun around, and meet his bride with the biggest smile. He then walked quickly to her so he could kiss, hug, hold, and just take her in. They had a few moments together to just be with each other and feel everything that lead them to that day. Soon, guests start arriving, so the couple retreated into the house to hide before their ceremony. 

All the seats under the tent were filled in anticipation of Zach and Vanessa’s marriage. Family first walked down the aisle, including Vanessa’s mother holding a picture of her lost son and Vanessa’s passed brother, Andrew. It was a very special moment, having him there with the family in support and remembrance.

The groomsmen follow suite down the aisle, lead by Zachary. Then, the lovely bridesmaids, building the anticipation of the bride… The music changed. And, around the corner came Vanessa, escorted by her father. As she walked, tears in her eyes on Zach, the crowd stood aisle by aisle as they were passed. She met Zach at the atler for an intimate and faith filled service.

Vows were taken, a cross was created together, rings were exchanged, and a kiss was shared. The two were pronounced husband and wife with gleaming smiles. As they walked down the aisle, now partners for life, everyone stood and cheered for the couple, their love, and their successes. The guests had the opportunity to offer their wishes and congrats to Vanessa and Zach in a receding line. 

Next, on to business! We rounded up the family for formal portraits. Then, we had the opportunity to pull the bridal party aside before the reception began to get some fun pictures of everyone!

The bridal party was introduced into the barn, each with a fun dance, laughter, and wild applause. The best man, Jarrod, and the maid of honor, Vanessa’s sister, Katie, gave toasts to the happy couple, followed by a heartfelt speech from Vanessa’s father about his little girl. Zach’s grandfather toasted the couple with words of wisdom, into a blessed dinner. 

After an amazing dinner, Vanessa and Zach shared their first dance as husband and wife. Vanessa, then danced her with father, in a heart felt, tear jerking dance. Zachary danced with his mother followed by a mother, daughter dance between Vanessa and her mother. Finally, Vanessa and Zach once again shared a dance to a song Katie sang to the both of them. The floor opened up for dancing!

This gave us the chance to take Vanessa and Zach out for couple’s portraits. Between the grand barn and tall grass, there were so many wonderful places to shoot with them. It was so wonderful to be able to take this couple aside from the rush of day and allow them just to be with each other for a short amount of time. They finished their portrait session in a field, just the two of them holding one another.

After returning, the happy couple cut their gorgeous wedding cake, and continued to dance!

Vanessa and Zach, it was such an honor to be a part of your incredible day. It was filled with so much love, laughter, and fun. We hope you had the greatest time in Virginia beach on your honeymoon. We seriously cannot wait to see you two at softball again!

Watch the full highlight film of their day below!

💜SJ & MB

Venue: Weaver View Farms
DJ: Jayce (Friend of Couple)
Florist: Paula and Larry Lewis
Cake: Heavan Kreiger
Dress: Bridal Bell
Bridemaid’s Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen’s Attire: Mitchell’s Western Wear
Invitations: Vista Print