After my Grampy passed, my Mom spent my entire senior year in highschool taking up scrapbooking so she could use all these pictures that he had taken to surprise me with an album at graduation.  I still remember opening it for the first time, going back through
      all these memories from my life, tearfully knowing the thought that went into each image. My Grampy took pride in capturing moments with his 35mm film camera. Moments that still live on today because of his passion for photography.

      My love for photography blossomed after my son was born when I was 19. I took the leftover money from his baby shower to purchase my first little Kodak point and shoot camera. I wanted to capture each moment I could of him growing up. When I returned to college when he was around 6 months, I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career, but I took black and white photography as an elective. I then borrowed my Grampy’s 35mm film camera and took it everywhere with me. To the playground, the park, on hikes, family get togethers and birthday parties. The next semester I took two more classes and I just couldn’t get enough of every aspect of photography.

      I didn’t know it then, but my love and passion for the art began. Although being behind the camera brought me so much joy, I doubted my ability to be able to make it into a career, so I began my career in retail management. I still toted that DSLR camera I purchased during my classes to each event my son was involved in, capturing all those memories his future spouse will be so thankful for.

      A few years later I met my husband, and he had built his career on his love for all things video. We have had two more kids and in June 2017 we opened a video production company. What began as a way for him to do some fun projects with friends, quickly began growing into a thriving wedding videography business. I came alongside him and shot some weddings for video and was intrigued by the creation of a 5 minute highlight film, and I became the editor for the company. But at each wedding I was at, I found myself watching the photographer, their methods, how they shot, how they interacted with the couple, and their duties throughout the day and thought “I want to do that!”

      In April of 2018, Mark and I were on a shoot and he took me out, put a camera in my hand, showed me some settings and said “I know you can do this, you know you want to do this, now shoot.” The day after, I said, “I’m going to open up my own photography business” and I began taking on clients for maternity, newborn and family photos.

      After shadowing 7 weddings, I did my first solo wedding in May 2018, and was lucky enough to capture over 30 weddings last year. The joy, love and intrigue I had for photography when I was 8 years old on my Grampy’s lap still lives within me. Each time I step behind my camera on a wedding day, I’m focused and excited to capture the beginning of your families legacy,  just as my Grampy did with his 35mm film camera.