Sara and Mark began working together in the fall of 2017, right as Kidd Media Productions was beginning to pick up traction. Sara wanted to meet Mark about a DJ partnership. As we sat at the dining room table for our first meeting, it became very apparent that video was where Mark’s heart was. It also became very apparent very quickly how well our creativity played off each other. The first mention of “running a business together” was in December of that year.  

      30 weddings later, Sara’s re-found love in photo, and the discovery that weddings photo/video was where our passion ignited… we had a revelation.

      Most things from your wedding day stay contained to that one day. You only have all your friends and family together once; the cake will go stale; the flowers will wilt. But, your memories will last forever. That’s where we come in. We are not just a vendor. We want to be your friends, your co-planners, and your storytellers. So, one year later, the answer to that December 2017 question was absolutely. We are better together, and SJ & MB have created Wonder in Adagio from the ground up to not just tell our story, but yours too. We are an experience, and experiencing your love is why we do what we do.

      Sara Jane

      I remember the first time I saw a camera.  I mean really saw a camera. I was just four when my Dad brought home something called a video camera.  I didn’t understand that it was a “moving picture” camera and I kept saying “Smile, take my picture.” I was so intrigued with the size of it, and all the buttons.  Then, when I was 8, while visiting my Grandparents, I came across my Grampy’s camera collection. The man by no means prided himself as being a photographer, but had to capture each moment of his children and grandchildren’s lives. This included him acquiring  a collection of pictures of us standing by the dinner table in front of their massive dining room windows, or birthday pictures, or pictures of my Grammy’s garden, and moments from the days we spent visiting. I would always watch him. I was intrigued by his fascination with cameras…


      Mark Boucher

      I was born into a family of music. Some of my first memories are sitting on my father’s lap at the piano. As soon as I could, I was taking music lessons… piano, clarinet, bass guitar, voice. My mother would drive me around four days a week to various musical commitments. At 12, I was telling bar owners I was 13 so I could play in local battle of the bands.

      My first job was DJing; I was 17 at the time. My father came with me to the job interview, and walked me in. While the job was for those 18+, he managed to convince the company owner to give me a chance and interview anyways. I got the job…



      We absolutely LOVED working with WIA! Mark and Sara brought a calm to my day that I truly needed. They bring a personal touch and I never felt like we were working with “a business” but instead with real people. At the same time, they are professional and clearly highly competent/skilled at what they do. Not to mention their work is BEAUTIFUL! I feel like their work reflects who we are.

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. Seifert


      Sara and Mark were SO much fun to work with on our wedding day! They traveled all the way from New York to Wisconsin to capture our special day. From the moment we met them, we knew we chose the right people for the job. They are so passionate about their work and made us feel comfortable knowing that they’d capture the best moments of the day. We were brought to tears. It is so beautiful, emotional and creative. It took us right back to our wedding day and we are so thankful to be able to relive these moments and show our kids someday! Can’t thank you enough WIA!!!

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. Brockman


      From the very beginning Sara was SO helpful, informative, and just a really really nice genuine person. We have only been married 12 days and already got a sneak peak photo and highlight video which we are blown away with the talent in both. Wonder in Adagio is amazing and I wouldn’t be surprised if they start booking up quick for the near future. I am not one to write a ton in review, like ever. It’s just not me. But my husband and I are blown away and want everyone to know how truly talented they are at what they do. It doesn’t hurt that they’re nice with a good sense of humor as well.

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. Petrillo


      Absolutely outstanding service and product! While I’m obviously going to be biased, ALL of our friends and family keep saying it’s THE best wedding video they’ve ever seen. And this group includes multiple professional filmmakers. The WIA crew was so lovely to work with. Friendly, flexible, warm, creative, super professional and just a lovely addition to our wedding day. As we live across the country, we had a virtual meeting beforehand where we got to express our hopes and they gave us a good idea of what to expect. They got all the coverage we wanted from prep time to the actual ceremony to making sure or guests were all included. They really found a way to showcase our unique story and they adapt beautifully to each couple. It’s not a cookie cutter formula and they are such artists that you really see them enjoy the challenge of making each memory perfect for that pair. They work their tails off and are so responsive to your needs and wants Inarguably one of the best choices and investments we made. ❤️

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. Mayer-Fried


      The best ever! Book WIA, you won't be disappointed. We just got the first glimpse of our wedding video highlight reel and we're in tears over here, amazed at how beautifully our day was captured and presented in a 4 minute video. Thank you so much Sara, Mark, and all other staff!!! Aaron and I were very fortunate to have had such caring photographers/videographers.

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. Barton


      We booked WIA a bit last minute. What I was not prepared for was how wonderful my experience with Wonder in Adagio would be. Of all the venders we worked with, they were by far the kindest, easiest to work with, and quickest to reply when we had questions. I was absolutely blown away and obsessed with what they produced for us. They exceeded our expectations in many ways, and that is a rare thing to find in the wedding industry. I highly recommend WIA! They do not disappoint!

      💜 Mr. & Mrs. DeMartino