They met on a dating app and the rest is history! Olivia is an RN & Dale works for AAA, and together they are mama & papa to 3 (actually now 4 since our session) dogs.  This session was so fun in Farmington at the Ponds Edge Venue.

      We braved the possibility of rain to capture these 2 bright, loving, and fun people. Together when asked to do some silly prompts we got some of the BEST interactions and laughs.  I’m so glad we were able to get this session in before everyone’s schedule got crazy, and weren’t deterred by the rain, we can’t wait to celebrate with you next year at your beautiful sunset peach and gold fall wedding.

      Location: Ponds Edge Venue|

      Makeup: Genevieve Makeup Artistry (IG: @genevievemakeupartistry)

      Clothing: Alana Rose (IG: @roc_yourstyle)

      💜SJ & MB

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