Holly + Jarrod Engagement

In upstate NY from North Carolina, where Jarrod is currently stationed for the Navy, we finally got to meet these two for the first time for their engagement shoot.

We ventured to a new park we had never been to before where after Holly & Jarrod first met, they would take their rescue dogs for a walk. They told us of this great waterfall where they would go and we were so excited to see it after our adventures in the falls this summer. Little did we know it was down a steep cliff. Sara was not prepared for this feat in her favorite sandals of the season, needless to say after gallivanting around the water with our cameras capturing these two in one of their favorite spots on the way back up, her sandals broke and she had to venture back to the top barefoot. Luckily, Jarrod had an extra pair of sandals stored in his car that he kindly let her borrow for the rest of the session. (Can we make this 2nd pair of sandals broke during an engagement session, I think it’s time she started wearing her hiking boots!)

The waterfall was tall and absolutely gorgeous, with big boulders and rocks you could climb up (carefully) and rest as the water cascaded down around you. After our adventure here we found this beautiful field, that the sun began to set behind, we quickly got in our cars and asked them to chase the sun with us. We ventured about 3 miles down the road where we found this little spot on the side of the road where you could perfectly see the red, orange and purple colors filling the sky after the sun had set behind the hill.

Thank you Holly + Jarrod for taking us on an adventure to one of your favorite spots where you would grow your relationship and your bond over dogs and rescuing them. We cannot wait for your wedding next July, and look forward to getting to know you more over these next few months.

💜 SJ & MB