Haleigh + Jake Engagement

Amblefoot Horse Farm Engagement // Medina, NY

Let’s start by saying Haleigh & Jake HATE PDA. Haleigh’s mother actually commented on their engagement video, saying that she has never seen them kiss so much.

On our initial questionairre we send to couples, they checked “What? No!” But… wow, are their pictures and video full of some gorgeous displays of affections.


When we shoot, we very rarely ask you to turn and look at the camera. Instead, we set you up, and prompt you with certain things that will evoke emotions. We base these prompts and questions around the couple and getting to know them. With every individual couple, we make sure we know them and their love story before taking any pictures or videos of them!

We knew they were funny and they love working on things together. They both own their own businesses, Haleigh trains horses and Jake owns a taxidermy business. Haleigh describes Jake as…

“artistic, kind of shy, handsome, animal lover, hardworking, quick tempered, supportive, dedicated hunter, good cook.”

While Jake describes Haleigh as…

“smokeshow, stubborn, kind, determined, funny … sometimes.” (we learned very early on that Jake is super sarcastic and witty and we jive well with that!)

They love country music and older music, they actually met at a bar and line danced together 5 years ago. During their session, we listened to a lot of classic artists, such as The Beetles, Beachboys, Stevie Nicks… And, it was WONDERFUL.

We cannot wait for these two’s wedding day! It will be filled with friends, nature, dancing, singing, fire pits… and surprises we’re not allowed to disclose yet.

💜 SJ & MB