Danielle + Wesley // 8.17.19

Lake Front Wedding on Seneca Lake – Geneva, NY

The weather outside was stormy, but that was never going to stop this couple from FINALLY saying “I do.”

Danielle & Wes have been together for years, had 2 children together, and were raising their family before he proposed to her with adorable matching football jerseys with their 2 daughters. He even got her a jersey that said “Marry Me” on the back. She said yes to the love of her life, as they stood their next to their two daughters, Gracie & Raegan.

I have so much love and respect for the way that Danielle & Wes love their 2 girls. Each part of their day wasn’t just about them, but also about their family of 4 and their girls were a huge part of their love story. The way that the girls looked at them and were so kind to everyone there. All 4 of them are so loved by each person in attendance that day, I can’t wait to show you the fun they had on the dance floor later!

Living in the Fingerlakes, we are blessed to be surrounded by some of the prettiest backdrops. Out of the 5 lakes, we mostly shoot on Keuka Lake, and we were so excited to finally shoot a wedding that was right on Seneca Lake in Geneva. Seneca is the largest lake, spanning 67 miles and a depth of 618 feet, which also makes it the coldest, but also boasts a very true blue color. They chose this venue for its location, and convenience of a full wedding at a hotel for all of their guests to be able to stay and party the night away with them, and to safely have a room for the night. OH trust me, we are going to get to all the fun shenanigans we had in the evening.

When we arrived at the Ramada, we went to the guys room to find a pack of superheros. Each groomsmen, and the groom was decked out in a superhero tshirt that they wanted to wear under their suit, but it was “just too hot for that,” Wes told me when I asked about them. Dressed in a Robin shirt and his bowtie on, I said “grab your guys! We need to get a picture of this”

When I asked them to give me their best superhero pose, well no words needed. Best part? The bowtie was included AND I finally got to say “AVENGERS….ASSEMBLE!”

If you know me, you know I’m the worst at remembering names, BUT I’m so happy that this is how I met them, because for the rest of the day, that’s how I knew them, by their superhero names. Can we just take a moment to appreciate Deadpool’s (far right back) jump?? Which did result in an epic tumble, but I think this picture was worth it.

Then Batman, I mean Matt the Best Man, got Robin, the Groom ready in his Wedding attire. He cleaned up nice, even gave us his best GQ pose.

Once the whole gang was dressed, it was time for some more serious pictures, I got a few. I knew from the beginning of the day that Hulk, the Bride’s brother (far left) was going to be my trouble maker, and after assisting a few with their bow-ties, he took my camera and got a few pictures of Mark and I. They weren’t too bad either, Hulk you have some skills 😉

Wes then read his letter from Danielle, and opened his gift from Danielle, a set of cuff links, tie & money clip with a “K” on them. He also had gifts for their girls that he was so excited to give them. The girls were so happy with the necklaces that their Dave game them. Look at those smiles and hugs.

While the bride was getting around some last minute details of the day, I got to snag her dress and all her jewelry to capture them. I absolutely loved their bridal ring set, and each piece of jewelry was special to her. Her Grandma’s ring and necklace, and her bouquet with one of my favorite flowers, Stargazing Lilies. Danielle, the dress looked perfect where you wanted it on the arbor.

As the skies became more grey, we kept our faith that the storm would come and pass. As Mark and I were capturing the details the rain began to pour, but we kept faith that it would pass by the ceremony. As the girls finished up their hair and makeup we quickly went outside to grab some fun stuff in their beautiful floral robes. As I snapped a few pics I felt a raindrop and we took a run for the tent.

Danielle was ready to read her letter from Wes, and he even folded it like one of those notes you pass in class with a “pull” tab and #finallyaKing on the front. Trying really hard to not mess up her beautiful makeup, she did let a few tears go as she read the words he wrote for her. She also opened the gift of earrings he had for her.

It was finally time for Danielle to put her wedding dress on. With her sister Sydney, and her Mom in their honeymoon suite, that was all decorated, she was ready for the final steps before she would be able to make her promises to her soon – to – be husband.

We headed downstairs to do her first look with her bridesmaids and her dad, and she anxiously awaited in the Geneva room as Mark went to go get Wes for their first touch. As she hid around a corner, Wes asked on the way there, “She looks good doesn’t she?” He was so nervous to see his bride. The held hands around a corner for a minute, took this moment to themselves as the ceremony was about to start.

As the music began, the Groomsmen walked down the aisle followed by the bridesmaids. As the music changed and Raegan & Gracie walked down right before their Mom. As I turned to see Wes, a few tears had shed seeing his girls, in anticipation for his bride. Danielle walked in full of smiles being able to see Wes for the first time all day. Choked up with love and admiration for Danielle, the tears flowed as the rain continued to come down outside the tent.

The ceremony began, and Wes got down on one knee as he made vows to his 2 girls, then Danielle and Wes exchanged vows. One of the most wonderful things to witness all day was the laughter and love amidst the tears of joy, and it began with these two at the alter. Then finally their first kiss as husband and wife, and the room burst in cheers and loud applause, and a celebration as they were announced as “Mr. & Mrs. King!!”

The rain began to let up, the storm had passed and it was time for family pictures. Reagan & Gracie were troopers and made it through 1/2 hour of pictures before they were ready for a break. With the sun out, it was time to have some fun with the bridal party. Between hiding beers in their suit (I’m looking at you Captain America!) too many jokes, an almost fall from me, we knew that the rest of the night was going to be too much fun. (I promise it’s coming! You just gotta keep reading!)

Then it was time to have fun with the girls. All the girls wore a different style of navy blue dress, that were nicely complimented with their bouquets from Flower Mill from Naples, NY.

Then finally, the Just Married portraits! These are some of my favorite to do, especially when a couple doesn’t do a first look. It’s truly the first time all day they can take a breath and just be. I ask Danielle & Wes to wrap their arms around each other and just hug, take in the moment, take some deep breaths together to synchronize their breaths and take in the fact that they just said “I do.”

Which also includes the infamous moment when Sara yelled at Danielle… “Danielle! Don’t look so miserable, you just got married!” To which she responded…. “Wes said the crab cakes were gone!” This ended with a roaring fit of laughter. Once I realized it was over crab cakes, I understood completely. But really there was a plate of crab cakes at their table waiting for them…lesson learned, NEVER tell a bride that her crab cakes are gone 😉

Then it was time for the party!! I mean we felt like we already had partied with them all day already. The banquet room was decked out in centerpieces that were made by the Maid of Honor and Danielle’s sister, Sydney. With pieces of wood cut by the bride’s brother, Hulk (I mean Jesse). I love the personal details that were taken at each table at this wedding. From the centerpieces to the beautiful cake that her sister Sydney made with a cascade of fresh flowers by The Flower Mill in Newark.

Once we settled in to the room it was time for the party to be introduced, and then Mr. & Mrs. King. After some sick dance moves, it was time for their first dance as husband and wife, half way through the song their girls stepped in to be twirled around the floor with Mom & Dad. Then Danielle danced with her dad and her Step dad, and Wes danced with his mom and Aunt.

After some dances, Danielle’s dad gave a toast to allow Wes to have the upper hand one last time. Then the Batman, the best man and Sydney the maid of honor did a toast to the new couple.

And as the sun began to set, we quickly grabbed the newlyweds to get a few images and film of them in the prettiest sunlight of the day. This included a walk in the garden and back around to the lake, which included a fun jump down to the walkway, some romantic dancing into the funniest dip of the night. Then finally……

Okay I know you’ve been waiting for it, and I think the best way to introduce you to the shenanigans is to show you the before picture of the groomsmen outside, and then the after we hit the dance floor. (Not enough laughing emojis can sum up my laughter at editing these images)

So I will tell you that the groomsmen started out dressed, but it wasn’t until a few dance songs later….that the shirts came off, and the bow-ties and suspenders stayed on. It took some coaxing to get ALL of the guys in on it but at the end of the night the Avengers (with some DC characters) were assembled topless on the dance floor having everyone join in on the party. Captain America even cornered Mark at one point, trying so hard to convince him that he needed to also take his shirt off and join in on the fun.

Accompanied by one of our favorite DJ’s to work with, Kaleigh from Creekside Entertainment, kept the party moving as she danced behind the DJ table, taking requests and getting everyone in the room hyped to keep busting a move on the floor. Even the girls had fun twirling, flossing, and doing some b-boy moves on the floor, getting all the other little kids to join in.

Thank you Danielle & Wes for having us as part of your special day. Mark and I had never laughed so hard throughout the day. Your love for each other, your girls, and all of your friends and family is such an inspiration to us and we can’t wait to continue to see you over the years, and we know we will never forget the day we spent in celebrating your marriage with you.

Here a teaser film from your day to hold you over while Mark edits your highlight film…

💜SJ & MB


Venue: Geneva Ramada
Wedding Coordinator: Timothy Ruthven
Hair- Megan McVeigh & Sara Hill
Makeup- Hanna Mirabella
Flowers- Flower Mill – Newark, NY
DJ – Creekside Entertainment (Kaleigh Fremouw)
Bride’s Dress: Heart to Heart Bridal – Manchester, NY
Bridal Designer – Casablanca
Bridesmaid Dresses – Your Perfect Day! – Sodus, NY
Designer for Bridesmaids Dresses – Bill Levokoff
Seamstress – Brenda Rowe of Brenda Bridal Boutique – Sodus, NY
Cake – Sydney Festa (Maid of Honor)
Centerpieces – Danielle King, Sydney Festa, Jesse Festa, & Nicole Festa
Photography & Videography – Wonder in Adagio