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1. Do you only book weddings for both photo and video?

2. Why should we book a team for photo and video?

We get asked this question often. Though we definitely love being able to work together to bring your memories to life in both photo + film, we also book weddings for just photo as well. When you inquire, be sure to specify what service you are looking for.

Before we were an exclusive photo + video team, we only did wedding videography. Each week, we had to work with a new photographer... building a new language and understanding of each persons creative space and methods. As a couple's team that’s worked on over 100 weddings together, we have a fluid and cohesive way of working to ensure more fun, less stress, and more memories captured. We really do understand the ebb and flow of working together. Having a team of vendors behind you that you know has worked together before can help put your mind at ease to enjoy your day more. Just ask one of our couples that worked exclusively with vendors we recommend and work with often, Erin + Curtis.


3. What is your “style” with capturing images and video?

We absolutely love this question! It is so important to us that the experience you feel in front of the camera brings out you. We developed a system we like to call “memories in motion.” Since we started out as a video company, we knew that our best films and moments were captured amongst the movement of feelings.

Time between a couple, interactions with family, and the realism of your wedding day is where YOU live. This is achieved by documenting your love in a photojournalist way, but also prompted by us to be able to put your mind and anxiety at ease while in front of our cameras. Most of our couples share with us the fear they hold with being in front of the camera. But, within 15 minutes of your engagement session, we are always laughing, smiling and making out. We never pose or impose our own wants on you to express yourself, but rather prompt you in ways to showcase the trueness of how your love looks. We will laugh together, and often cry together. It’s important to us that when you look back on your images and film, you never see them and remember how your were placed, but you recall how you FELT in those moments. Being in front of our cameras is meant to be liberating, and never a chore.