We'd love to know your story.


      You have questions, we have answers.

      Where are you located?

      Our office is located on S. Main Street in Canandaigua, NY. We love the scenery of the Finger Lakes. However, we DO travel all around the world for weddings! Wherever you are, we would love to come to you. Traveling to tell love stories is our FAVORITE thing. PLUS, we don't charge travel fees!

      Can I book Wonder in Adagio for just a photo or just video?

      Through 2019, we are offering individual bookings. However, by 2020, we plan to be an exclusive wedding photo and video EXPERIENCE. We truly believe that SJ & MB working together can give you the best, most flawless wedding media experience. We're great on our own, but better together.

      I hate being in front of the camera. Should I be nervous?

      Not at all! We get this all the time, and, trust us, it's nothing to worry about. We focus really hard on making our sessions fun. We will rarely ever ask you to look at the camera & smile. We prompt you and have you do fun things with the love of your life to get those real emotions.

      How do I plan my wedding day to have photo & video?

      As a matter of fact, we've made a couple's guide for all our brides and grooms to answer this question. It's a 70ish page "book" that will walk your through your engagement session, wedding day, and more! It contains all the information and answers any questions you may have about your wedding photo and video experience, as well as wedding and planning questions in general.