Caitlin + Evan // 7.12.20

Wedding overlooking Keuka Lake, NY at Crispin Hill

What a journey it has been for the now Mr. & Mrs. Annese to make it to the altar to say “I do.”

Last summer when Caitlin contacted us about being their photo/video team, we had a connection right away. We couldn’t wait for their engagement session to meet and get to know them even more. We met at Greenlakes State Park near Syracuse, NY and 2 minutes after greeting one another from our cars, a HUGE torrential downpour and thunder/lightning storm began. We waited in the car for about 10 minutes hoping it would pass, and once we assumed it wouldn’t, we decided to reschedule and they drove away. Mark and I stuck around for a few minutes, the clouds passed ,and the sun came out. We quickly called them to come back and we were able to have our session and we had so much fun running around the park and finding tall grass, hills, and water.

Fast forward to February of this year, and we began planning their wedding day for Harbour Hotel in 1000 Islands… but we all know what came in March…..COVID-19.

Now, at this point (when the pandemic first struck), we never thought that any weddings past May would be effected. But, as time passed, cases rose, and restrictions kept getting extended, Caitlin and Sara would check in with one another with GIFs and Bitmoji’s. NO MATTER WHAT her and Evan were going to get married.

Come June, personalized masks were made and she was continuing to make plans with her venue. It wasn’t until 2 weeks prior on June 25th that she had heard from her hairdresser that her venue was cancelling all their events for July. After some research it was confirmed that was happening. Caitlin quickly called Sara and asked “Do you know any venues that can host a wedding in 2 weeks?”

Sara immediately made a call to her friend Chelsey, who owns Crispin Hill, to see if the date was available. After Caitlin visited the venue a few hours later, the whole wedding was officially moved 2.5 hours away. In just under 2 weeks, Chelsey + Heather were able to help Caitlin & Evan have the wedding they had dreamed of for over a year.

In the midst of the move, she also needed a florist for an arrangement of the arch, and a new hair/makeup for her entire bridal party. More of our close friends, who happen to also be wedding vendors, were called and everything was set in motion.

I know it wasn’t the wedding they were planning to have, but we know it’s exactly as it was meant to happen. Even through all of this craziness, stress, and double planning, they were supposed to say the “I do” they had been anticipating at Crispin Hill, a gorgeous venue overlooking the lake with the most amazing food. We were always supposed to be her photo/video team so that when the time came that she needed to move the wedding, all of our friends could help her pull it off in 2 weeks.

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining with big, beautiful puffy white clouds, everyone respected the guidelines given by the state and Crispin, regarding social distancing and masks. The couple was blissfully happy to finally be married.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the big move and for celebrating such a wonderful couple with us. It has been a crazy few months due to the pandemic and how much it has shifted the wedding industry, but we were so happy that our first wedding of the season was with you both.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs. Annese!!

💜 SJ + MB

When you think of your significant other,
what are words you would use to describe them?

Evan: “Loving, gentle, beautiful, hungry, tired, happy, driven, helpful.”
Cait: “Evan is kind, supportive, handsome, hardworking”

What are FIVE things you adore about your partner?

Evan: “She embraced my Beagles as her own, she watches my favorite shows with me- even if she doesn’t like them. Loves to hike and travel to new places. Enjoys the beach & sun. She is very kind to everybody she meets. Very driven to succeed and make herself a better person every day.”

Cait: “Evan can make me smile on the toughest of days, especially with his super cute dance moves. He does the chores I hate doing most. On my 12 hour work days, he makes coming home relaxing and stress free. He hasn’t killed me for touching him with my cold feet (yet). He understands how important family is to me. He is my happiness!”

It was such an incredible with these amazing vendors we get to also call our friends:

Venue + Catering: Crispin Hill
Florist: Foote Florals
Brides Hair/Makeup: Melissa Jones
Bridal Party Hair: Shaina D’aurizio
DJ: All Event Entertainment
Photo/Video: Wonder in Adagio
Mask: Diana Rose Boutique
Guest Masks: Custom Ink
Rings: Manlius Jewelry
Dress: New York Bride & CO., Syracuse