Alyssa + Steve Engagement

Sunrise Engagement in Piermont, NY

For our 4th time this year, we ventured to Brooklyn, and it was our second time venturing there for an engagement. We weren’t shooting in Brooklyn, but at a beautiful pier only 1 hour away.

It was there in Piermont, NY that we would meet the sweet couple Alyssa + Steve at our first ever sunrise session. We weren’t sure what to expect at not only a new location or the first time shooting in the morning, but we were so excited to capture this milestone in their relationship. From the minute Alyssa first reached out to us, we knew right away they were the perfect fit, I mean they were willing to get up at 4:30 am to do a photo shoot.

After a 3:30am wakeup so we could get ready and drive to scope the place out we arrived at the pier and got to see the sun just beginning to peek over the hill. Soon after Alyssa + Steve arrived and we jumped right in because we knew the time with the sun was limited because once it was up it was up. From the minute they first wrapped their arms around each other to stay warm, we knew we were going to have so much fun getting to know them, dancing and jamming to 90’s hip hop, and welcoming the warmth of the sun on a new and beautiful day.

What a really fun golden hour at sunrise we had with you both. We cannot wait for your wedding day in our neck of the woods next spring.