You have

To know love

To be able to witness it in others




But, you can call us SJ + MB.

Together, we have been capturing love stories for 3 years. Through building a business, and witnessing over 100 love stories unfold we fell in love.

We hold a special place in our hearts for the wedding industry, because it was here we were able to see so many different types of couples, hear so many different ways they fell in love, and witness them throughout the process of creating their dream day, to experiencing and celebrating with them on their wedding day.

It was there we learned the measure of a true and undeniable bond, a patient love, where we heard vows and letters opening up about being seen by their person, being loved selflessly.

Being able to capture your love story, helped us find ours. One afternoon, Mark blurted out “Sara, I’m in love with you. So many other things I want to say, but I just need to say it.” This led to long discussions about the how, about the business and so on, but ultimately both of our souls knew that we were each other’s person.

Since then, capturing your love story has felt different. When you are able to understand what it feels to be looked at by your person, kissed by your love, when the noise of the world dissipates when you’re in their arms, it makes our job creatively even more seamless. We are able to understand feelings and movements of being in love, synced in tune with our art behind our cameras.

With each couple we meet, we are honored to be apart of capturing your legacy and love in its authenticity.

You deserve to have your story told that way.


Sara Jane (SJ)